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Edward J. Robinson

Edward J. Robinson graduated from L.B. Landry Sr. High School in 1962. After enrolling in Southern University of New Orleans' School of Business Administration, Ed joined the military and subsequently the Reserves where he held rank of Staff Sergeant. Upon returning home, Ed completed his education at SUNO, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business administration in 1972.

Ed the Louisiana Superdome team of Superdome Services, Inc. in '75, and Robinson was formally indoctrinated into the security business. Over the next decade, Ed pursued continuing education courses at local universities:

  • Delgado College '75 Certificate, Security Officer's Training
  • Delgado College '78 Associate Degree, Law Enforcement
  • Xavier University '79 Certificate, Small Business Management
  • Tulane University '80 Certificate, Middle Management
  • Training Institute '85 Certificate, Security Management
  • University of Texas '02 SBA Executive Training Seminar
  • Tuck University (Dartmouth ’05) Minority Business Executive Training

Professionally, Ed represents more than a quarter-century of experience in facilities management. Even though Superdome management changed hands four times during his tenure, Ed remained a solid part of the management team. The leaders of Superdome Services, Inc., Hyatt Management Crop., Facility Management Corp., and Spectacore Management Group, Inc. all agreed in the wisdom of retaining his services. Ed has served on several instrumental boards and commissions in the City of New Orleans as well as the region. Ed is recognized by his peers as an upstanding member of the community as well as an advocate for various social and community causes.

Robert Cambrice

Robert Cambrice brings a wealth of financial talent to L & R Security Services. In addition to a formal Accounting education at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Robert has held a number of key finance and accounting positions for a number of organizations in various industries.

Robert joined the L & R team in 1998 to address the exponential growth in the company and the subsequent need for operations to support the effort on all fronts. With Robert as CFO, L & R's financial infrastructure flourished. His guidance was key in initiatives such as the support of payroll operations for as much as 2700 employees and comprehensive security services cost modeling to ensure ongoing corporate profitability.

**Odell Lawson (deceased 1947-2008)

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Odell Lawson came to New Orleans a transplanted Oklahoman. Odell landed in New Orleans via his experiences with the National Football League. While in the NFL, Odell was a stellar player for the New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers and, finally, the New Orleans Saints.
In 1974, while with the Saints, Lawson joined the New Orleans Police Department’s Community Relations Division as a Public School Liaison Counselor. In 1975 until his retirement some 26 years later, Odell worked with the Orleans Parish School Board's Security Patrol.

In 1976 Lawson went to work in security with Superdome Services, Inc. where he met fellow security staffer Ed Robinson.
A 1966 physical education major out of Langston University in Oklahoma, Odell immersed himself in training to broaden his knowledge of security and the legal statutes that affect the industry. Lawson attended:

  • NOPD '77 Law Enforcement Comprehensive
  • Delgado College '77 Basic Security Procedures
  • NOPD Academy '83 Law Enforcement/Legal Statutes
  • Training Institute '86 Certificate, LA State Board of Private Security Examiners

As he worked fulltime with Orleans Parish Schools, Lawson also pursued his security career and business. Between 1976 and 1982, Odell was a security officer with Superdome Services, Inc. ('76-'77); a security Lieutenant for Hyatt Management Corp. at the 'Dome ('79-'81); and a Special Field Officer for the New Orleans Saints ('79-'82).

Odell is a father of 4 and has been married for 15 years. He remains very involved with area schools and the local PTA. Odell is recognized in his community for his tireless efforts in improving the quality of education for the children of New Orleans.
Odell and his outstanding contributions live on as we honor his wonderful memory.

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  • Service Disabled Veteran of Small Business
  • 8(a)
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