About L&R Security

L & R Security Services, Inc. is a well-established company that has provided security services for businesses in the Metro New Orleans area for more than 34 years. Our work sites (past and present) include industrial facilities, educational facilities, convention centers, hotels, festival sites, special events and sporting events (indoor and outdoor) as well as providing services to the critically important Louis Armstrong International Airport. Our services are not limited to the city of New Orleans, as we have clients and operations in numerous cities around the country.

We provide fully bonded, licensed, and insured security guards for around the clock service. Our well-trained, neatly attired security officers will operate within a well structured security operation that is conducive to our clients needs. L & R can provide more than 200 armed and unarmed guards, bodyguards, ticket-takers, ushers and consulting services at a moments notice. Our client always receives quality services... our state-of-the-art training allows us to provide the appropriate preventive measures to provide a safe and trouble free environment.

L & R Security Services, Inc., carefully selects and trains our guards to learn every aspect of our client's business as well and the complete work site. The main goal of our company is to always provide our clients with the highest quality services, which in turn will ensure that our client's business remains safe and trouble free.
"At L&R Security Services, we provide our clients with professional services, unparalleled security and peace of mind."


Who we are

L & R has come a long way since we started back in 1979; here is some of our modest corporate story:

The two owners, President Edward Robinson and Vice President Odell Lawson met at the Louisiana Superdome in the mid-70s. Started business with $100, a typewriter, two guys and a truck Initially offered security and bodyguard services to businesses in New Orleans Experience, integrity, and old-fashioned Southern Hospitality have shaped a much larger and profitable company today L&R now employs more than 200 fulltime and 150 part-time security guards, ushers, and as many as 2,500 contract seasonal event workers. In addition, our office support employees round out the team Headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana. L&R has operations in Baton Rouge, LA, A As well as Houston, TX, and Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The company also serves clients across the US and Hawaii. L & R has steadily grown for last 34 years of our existence.. Our greatest growth has occurred over the last 7 years Throughout the history of our company and especially since the tragic events of September 11th, as well as the unprecedented Natural disasters of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Gustave we have met great challenges and provided exemplary results for our clients. L & R Security Services understands the value and benefits of superior security services and Emergency preparedness.

Proudly serving these and other public & private sector clients:

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Security & Special Event Experts

  • Site Managers
  • Roving Supervisors
  • Consulting Services
  • Body Guards
  • Event Logistics
  • Ushers
  • Ticket Takers
  • Uniformed Guards
  • ATM Escort
  • Armed & Unarmed


  • Service Disabled Veteran of Small Business
  • 8(a)
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
  • GSA CONTRACT #GS-07F-5683R
  • Louisiana Minority Business Council GSO137
  • Licensed
  • Bonded
  • Insured
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